Renée Sterne is an Auckland based creative director, graphic designer and the founder of Cinch Creative. Having been immersed in the design world for over 10 years she has a strong background in brand identities as well as many other aspects within the advertising and design industry.

In the early days, after graduating design school with Distinction, Renée began working as a designer at a full service creative agency. During her time there she perfected her skills working with various large scale and high profile clients. After several years of agency experience tucked into her belt she embarked on a journey with two other colleagues to form a successful Auckland based agency specialising in large scale clients. As the sole creative from the three founding members, she formed and led the creative team to create many new brand identities, creative campaigns, TV commercials, as well as a wide range of print and web designs.

During her time working with the high profile and large scale,  Renée discovered a passion in creating bespoke designs for the smaller or boutique business. She thrives on low-key, one-on-one client contact and collaboration to create simply beautiful and effective designs. In 2012, after having her first child, she made the difficult decision not to return to her role within the agency she had helped create. Instead she decided to focus on her passion, forming a new small business that would bring big agency skills to the little guys. Cinch Creative was born.