Bourke Architects

Melanie Bourke is a registered architect with over 15 years experience specialising in residential architecture. Her work involves both new builds and alterations and she offers a full service from concept through to completion. When she decided to embark on her own journey in setting up her own architectural practice she commissioned Cinch Creative to create her new business, ‘Bourke Architects’ brand.



With a target market of professional male and female adults, mothers and fathers falling between the ages of 35 – 55 years, it was important her new identity design captured this fairly wide audience. It also needed to represent Melanie Bourke’s style as an architect, creator and person.



A clean, crisp and geometric design is central to the Bourke Architects brand identity creation which represents the junctions and technical aspects of architecture. A brand emblem is the basis of this geometry which not only represents the architectural side but also abstractly acts as a personal ’B for Bourke’ monogram. This emblem is zoomed in on and broken up to create the bold statement patterns of navy, copper and sand which form a strong, sophisticated and gender-neutral colour palette for the brand.



The positioning on the brand logotype and emblem throughout the brand collateral has been carefully considered to allow prominence on the practice name ‘Bourke Architects’ with the emblem acting as a sign-off. Reading from top to bottom, then left to right, the stationery design allows for the importance of information to be read in its natural order.