Jeff Wang Physiotherapy

Jeffrey Wang is a physiotherapist who is based in Auckland, New Zealand and works worldwide with a wide range of clients ranging from performance/professional athletes to everyday people of all ages and genders.


Jeff approached Cinch Creative to create an independent brand that he could use as a platform to increase general awareness and allow his audience a more in-depth look into who and what he offers.


The Jeff Wang Physiotherapy brand identity design is minimal and clean, ensuring a professional brand image is portrayed. With a classic sans serif typeface for the logo, we generate a ‘trusted’ tone, while the softer form of the brand emblem works to create a modern and friendly feel. This emblem abstractly contains the initials of Jeff Wang, as well as a tick to represent the positive impact physiotherapy has on one’s life. It also acts as a signature stamp for the brand that can be easily applied in various situations, from stationery to apparel to online/social media.


The brand design consists primarily of black and white to achieve a professional gender-neutral colour palette that has wide appeal while the softer touches of grey and sand add warmth.