The Wellness Advocate

The Wellness Advocate are wellness warriors offering quality, sustainable and eco-friendly products to support the essential oils and aromatherapy industry. They aim to empower others through sharing their knowledge and wisdom of mother earth to elevate families with natural solutions for health and wellbeing, as well as offering personal support if and where needed to individuals or families embarking on their wellness journeys.


They commissioned Cinch Creative to create a brand identity that would project their mission statement:  “As a family – we are on a mission to share the wisdom of mother earth and elevate families with natural solutions for health and wellbeing.” 


Our approach was a minimal and meaningful approach by using a simple underline to highlight the ‘We’ in Wellness. This communicates the message that the Wellness Advocates put ‘We’ in ‘Wellness’ – working together with industry and individuals we are stronger in reaching the goal of optimum well-being.


The brand design uses a colour palette of earthy hues, uncoated textured materials and tactile print finishes to give an organic, calm and natural feeling. Throughout brand material, we are able to use the ‘we’ message extracted from the logo to strengthen The Wellness Advocate mission.